5 Tips to Define Your Personal Style

I have always believed that the best way to look amazing everyday is to dress in clothing that makes you feel good. It's not always keeping up with the latest trends but rather look at the latest trends and take out what makes you feel amazing. Some trends look great on others but not necessarily on you. To understand and develop your style is the fun part. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to pinpoint what works for you.

1. Look for Inspiration

Start with looking at your family or friends that has a dress sense that you aspire to. Pick out styles from magazines or social media. Another great source of inspiration is to find a celeb that has a style you love. Investigate how they pair items together so that you have an idea of what works before you go out to look at adding additional pieces to your wardrobe.

2. What's hanging inside your wardrobe

Search your wardrobe and find the pieces that make you really happy when you wear them. Grab the pieces that are your favorite and ask yourself why they make you happy to wear them. What do all these items have in common - is it the shape, or the colour or structure or length?

3. Create a Mood Board

Look at all the images you have collected and find the common theme. Don't worry if the images don't match or work together as this is just part of the process. If you have mainly images of dresses then you obviously feel very comfortable and happy wearing a dress. If you have selected trousers then that's the type of pieces you need to fill your wardrobe with. This will make shopping easier as you now know what makes you feel good.

4. Back to Basics

It is important to start collecting basic pieces that can be mixed and matched to to the unique pieces that you will start adding to your style wardrobe. Stick to neutral colours that can work with any colour option you may decide to add. These foundation pieces can be some basic T-shirts, Demin jacket, a little black dress, leather bag and belt.

5. Experiment

You now have the basis to start shopping for your unique pieces. Don't be scared to experiment to see what suits you best and what makes you smile. You will have some hits and some misses but that's all part of the process. Play with it and have fun.