5 Reasons to buy Locally Manufactured Products

The world is currently experiencing both economic and social instability due to the 2020 pandemic. With all the uncertainty and turmoil this has had on markets across the globe, it is vital to support our local communities wherever possible. With unemployment rates soaring at an unprecedented rate, supporting smaller manufacturers and suppliers within communities is a small but vital move in creating sustainability within local neighborhoods. Going local can improve communities in such a positive way. And this in turn can have an enormous impact on the overall economy that supports self-reliance and offers opportunities for growth.

Imagine the incredible impact we could create in South Africa's economy if we all changed our buying habits.

Here are five simple reasons why we should all support our local businesses:

1. Supporting local businesses gives the communities an opportunity to prosper and builds the overall economy. This not only sustains self reliance but also offers opportunities to create new jobs and upskill within communities.

2. By changing our buying habits we can reduce our global carbon footprint by saving on the costs of fuel to transport goods from international destinations via airplanes or ships. Can you imagine the positive impact we could make to Global Warming?

3. Buying local increases our awareness of available services and resources within our own communities. Building a strong local infrastructure is essential especially during an event like the Covid-19 Pandemic we are currently experiencing. A connected community is more resilient in uncertain times.

4. The biggest advantage to supporting our local businesses is price. Businesses are able to keep the prices lower as they are not contending with the constant rise and fall of international exchange rates.

5. Having local customer support is hugely beneficial to consumers as issues and queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently during local office hours. The inconvenience of waiting for international time zones to be able to discuss and resolve issues is both time consuming and inconvenient.

Whether you are a customer, businessperson, student or a professional, you can make the decision to act.

When planning your next purchase, first check for locally owned businesses that offer locally manufactured products. You will be helping to build the economy one community at a time.

Silkess has made the decision to make a difference.

Join us to make a difference from today.