5 Great Ways to Wear your Wrap Skirt

History of the wrap skirt

The wrap skirt first made its appearance in the 1960’s and remained a favourite in the modern women’s wardrobe into the early 1970’s. This skirt has made a stylish comeback and has become a fashion essential in most modern woman’s wardrobes. The first wrap skirts were ankle length or longer but today they come in all shapes and sizes making it a very versatile style option.

What makes this skirt so popular is that you can dress it up for a more formal occasion or you can wear it to a pool party. This design is both comfortable and attractive. A win-win in our book.

The Silkess Armina Wrap-Skirt has been designed and made with this in mind. As an essential fashion piece, we have put together five ways to wear this skirt that is suitable for any occasion. It has been made with a nice heavy polyester fabric that is perfect for traveling.

We have created 5 possible looks that you can style to get great wear out of your wrap skirt. We would love to see your styled outfits, so please do not be shy to share them with us.

1. Glamorous Chic

Lovely look to wear to a garden party of garden wedding. Wear with a lovely, structured crop top and pair with a delicate necklace and bracelet. Wear with a pair of chunky heels or a pair of adorned stiletto sandals for an even more glamorous look. Do not forget to add a simple clutch bag for your lipstick and your phone to take some memorable selfies. I would take a pashmina along to throw over your shoulders for slightly cooler weather.

Silkess Wrap Skirt Glamorous Chic Style
Glamorous Chic Wrap Skirt styled by Silkess

2. Pool Vibes

Perfect to wear around the pool or even at the beach. Wear your wrap skirt with your swimsuit and team with a broad brim straw hat and cute embellished sandals. Always a winner and easy to slip around your waist when you are ready to leave. Grab a large hold-all beach bag for your sunscreen and towel. Sunglasses is a must to pull off the ultimate poolside glam look.

Silkess Wrap Skirt Pool Vibes
Pool Vibes Wrap Skirt styled by Silkess

3. Casual Style

To create a casual look using your wrap skirt add a T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Wear this to a picnic or if you want to run errands in town. For a day out in the sun add a tank top with some flat sandals to finish the casual look. Throw a Boho style bag over your shoulder and grab your denim jacket for the cooler summer days. Match your sneakers with your T-shirt to obtain a polished casual style.

Silkess Casual Style Wrap Skirt
Casual Style Wrap Skirt styled by Silkess

4. Winter Wrap

Think again if you thought you could only wear your wrap skirt in summer. Here is an awesome idea on how you can rock your wrap skirt during the cold winter months.

Pair your wrap skirt with a woollen polar neck jersey and scarf. Wear knee high boots with nice warm tights and to add some pizazz, add a gorgeous hat to finish the perfect winter look. Add a colour matched pea coat on those extra, frosty days.

Silkess Winter Wrap Skirt
Winter Wrap Skirt styled by Silkess

5. Office Trend

It is not only pencil skirts that make a classic office wear ensemble. A wrap skirt offers a versatile option and looks both sophisticated and chic. Add a button-down shirt for a perfect office look and pair with a pair of pumps. Wear a colour co-ordinated blazer to complete the look. Add a belt and a pair of slip on sandals to keep the look sleek.

Silkess Office Trend Wrap Skirt
Office Trend Wrap Skirt styled by Silkess

There are so many stylish options to choose from. Have fun while you create your own perfect combinations.