Frequently asked questions

Are your products locally made?

The Silkess brand that not only offers classic clothing for everyday wear, but we also
offer fashion statement pieces that will become “must haves” in any wardrobe. Silkess is
a locally manufactured clothing brand and available exclusively online, for a hassle-free
shopping experience. We do however also import our shoes, bags, and accessories in
limited quantities.

Do you have a showroom where I can come shop in person?

Silkess is an exclusively online store.

What happens if I need delivery, but I live in an outline area?

Silkess will deliver to all areas via courier. Please confirm your address details with us if
you are unsure and we will arrange a shipping cost to get your parcel to you. Silkess can
arrange shipping via the postal services, please enquire with We do
not recommend this option as this service option in not always reliable.

I am a clothing manufacturer and I would like to join your supplier list.

Silkess is currently only shipping within South Africa. We will advise as soon as we make the decision to expand into the international market.